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Deep Cove Quarry Rock Trail / Indian Arm Lookout Hiking Guide

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Deep Cove Quarry Rock Trail

Difficulty: Easy 
Total Distance: 4.2 km 
Elevation Gain: 163m 
Give yourself: 2h return 
Our Hiking Time: 2h 30min return (with a 4 1/2 month pregnant wife) 
Highest Point: 165m 
Trail head Location: 49.330059°, -122.949790° 
Dogs: Yes 
Parking: Fee 
Public transit: Yes 

Deep Cove Quarry Rock Trail Overview

The Deep Cove Lookout hike has many names depending on which book, website or sign you are looking at: Quarry Rock Hike, Grey Rock Trail, or Indian Arm Lookout Trail. Each is just another name for the east portion of the Baden Powel Trail that goes from deep cove to a lookout rock. The lookout provides a great view of deep cove and Indian Arm. Dogs are welcome on the trail without a leash and it can be hiked year round. The lookout point can be seen from deep cove and the hike is easy compared to many on the north shore. Due to its ease and proximity to Vancouver, the trail gets very busy on weekends.

The hike starts off Panorama drive and there is free parking in a lot about five minute walk from the trail head. This parking lot fills quickly on weekends and many people end up parking along Panorama drive once it is full.

From the parking lot you can find the trail head left down the sidewalk. Look for a sign to the Baden Powel trail then follow Panorama drive and the trail head on the left hand side of the road. The trail is well marked with many new bridges and steps so it would be difficult to get lost (but I am sure some have found a way). The initial portion of the hike is slightly steep and all the elevation gain occurs within the first kilometer. 

The second kilometer of the hike levels out while crossing multiple bridges and creeks. The forest along the trail is typical for the north shore until arriving at the lookout. The first lookout has a great view of deep cove and Indian arm. For another view, continue up the trail to the left of another large rock then follow the BC Hydro pole to power line rock.

There is no loop for this trail so you need to follow the trail back to the parking lot. There is a washroom near the parking lot and many small little shops and restaurants in nearby downtown deep cove. I recommend replacing the calories you burn on the hike with a good ole fish n’ chips.

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  1. Yes, excellent little walk--comparitively short for those who are strong hikers, but nice Northwestern woods all the way and a fabulous lookout at the end. Be prepared for company--including lots of dogs and runners. This is the exercise trail for locals and is even busier on weekends.

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